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Letter from the Board about the Season and Covid-19

NYS Families, 

After reviewing the "Roadmap to Reopen Indiana" issued by the Governor on May 1 and the "Return to Activity Notice" issued by the Indiana Soccer Association on May 4, the Newburgh Youth Soccer Board has developed the following plan for our delayed "spring" season.  The Governor's Roadmap allows for recreational leagues to begin in Phase 4, currently planned to begin on Sunday, June 14.  Here are our key dates:

  • Registration will reopen immediately and stay open through Monday, June 1.
  • Teams will be selected or rebalanced during the week of June 8.
  • Practices will begin on Sunday, June 14.
  • Games will begin on Saturday, June 26, and will continue through the end of July.
  • Almost all practices and games will be held in the evenings or Saturdays before Noon to limit play during the hottest part of the day. 

Soccer will look a little different this season. NYS will be implementing the following safety policies and procedures for both practices and games:

  • Any player, parent, coach, referee, or spectator who is sick, running a fever, or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave Amax Fields.
  • We will minimize physical contact between our players and coaches. No handshakes, "high fives", or post-game "hand slaps".
  • Coaches will be required to wear masks. Players may wear face masks but are not required to do so.
  • All parents and spectators are required to follow CDC guidelines and wear appropriate face coverings and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Players should have hand sanitizer for personal use.
  • Sharing of personal equipment (pinnies, ball, water bottle, towel, etc) will not be allowed. Each player must bring their own.
  • Shared team equipment (cones, flags, goals, etc.) should only be handled by coaches.
  • Benches and bleachers will be removed to encourage social distancing.
  • The Concession Stand (if we open) and restrooms will be sanitized every hour.
  • Each player will have a designated sideline space to store their soccer equipment and water bottle that is at least 6' away from another player's space.
  • Coaches should observe 6' social distancing from all players at all times.
  • Physical contact between players is only allowed within the rules of soccer during competitive play. No team huddles. No team celebrations involving personal contact, etc.
  • Players should provide their own ball for a practices and should not handle another player's soccer ball. Players should sanitize their ball before and after each practice or game.
  • We will schedule down time between practices and games on the same field. Please promptly leave the field and exit the facility after your session. Players and parents for the following session should stay in their cars until 10 minutes before practice or game time.
  • Players not in the game and all spectators should follow social distancing guidelines.
  • All restrictions are subject to change based on new information or guidance from local, state, or national health officials. 

If you do not wish to participate given the above schedule and guidelines, please consider donating your registration fee to Newburgh Youth Soccer. NYS has many fixed costs regardless of the number of players registered (utilities, insurance, field maintenance, COVID-19 precautions, etc.). The club is run 100% by volunteers and we are trying to offer the best program we can under the circumstances. 

If you plan to withdraw, please respond to this email by May 15 so we can plan accordingly. We understand but hope you can join us in the future.  In your reply, please indicate how we should handle your registration fee:

  • Donate your registration fee to NYS
  • Apply your registration fee to the fall 2020 season
  • Credit your registration fee back to the credit or debit card you used to register 

Please let us know if you have any questions. We're looking forward to seeing you on the field!


Stacy Hein                  Mike Williams

President                    Vice President 


Newburgh Youth Soccer Updated Spring Season

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Division /Team Planning    June 2nd

Season Wrap up                      Aug 2nd

-Season Activities:

Registration Opens               Jan 6th

Coach Meetings/ Draws     June 8 - 13

Field Work Day                        June 14

Practices Start                          June 14

Referee Meeting                     June  21

Concessions Training           June  21

Independence Day                July 4th

Games Begin                             June 27

Pictures Day                             July 11

Season Ends                             Aug  1

Field Work Day                      Aug  15


Spring 2020 Registration is Now Open!!

Spring 2020 Registration is now open! Please click on the link above! All Divisions except Mt. Dew are $85 per player. Mt. Dew is $55 per player.

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