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Covid-19 and Summer Season Update from the Board

NYS Families, 

Normal on field practices, scrimmages, and games are allowed by the State of Indiana and Indiana Soccer beginning 6/15/20.  Newburgh Youth Soccer will start our Summer 2020 season on that date.  Here are our key dates:

  • Practices will begin on Sunday, June 14.
  • Games will begin on Saturday, June 26, and will continue through the end of July.
  • Almost all practices and games will be held in the evenings or Saturdays before Noon to limit play during the hottest part of the day. 
  • Any coach, player, parent, referee, or spectator who has a fever or other symptoms must stay home.
  • Physical conduct is only permitted within the rules of soccer during times of active, competitive play. 
  • CDC and social distancing guidelines must be followed by everyone not involved in the practice or game.
  • Game balls will be sanitized before and after every game and at halftime.  Throw-ins will be replaced by kick-ins to reduce the number of players touching the ball.
  • On or off field huddles, celebrations, post-game handshakes, etc. involving personal contact are not permitted.
  •   A maximum of 250 people (players, coaches, referees, and spectators) are allowed per field.
  • Players not warming up or on the field should wear a mask.  Coaches are required to wear a mask while talking to players before and after the session as well as during breaks or while treating injuries.
  • Each player will have a designated sideline space to keep his/her soccer equipment, ball, water bottle, towel, hand sanitizer, etc.  Players must bring their own water.  No sharing.  No communal water coolers.  Players not in the game or participating in practice should follow social distancing guidelines.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment.  This includes pinnies, jerseys, and goalie gloves.  Each player should bring their own ball to practice and sanitize it before and after each practice.  Only coaches are permitted to handle team and club equipment (cones, corner flags, goals, etc.).
  • Spectators should follow social distancing guidelines, staying at least 6' away from other spectators not in their family.  NYS Board members will be circulating around the facility reminding folks to keep their distance.
  •   No team benches or spectator bleachers will be used as these encourage players and spectators to sit together.  Players, coaches, and spectators should bring own chair to properly social distance while the practice or game is underway.
  • NYS has scheduled practices and games with 20-30 minute gaps between them to limit congregating at the field.  Players and parents must remain in their vehicles until 10 minutes prior to their practice or game time to allow time for the field to clear from the previous session.  Everyone must clear the field promptly after their session ends to allow for the next group to take the field.
  • Facilities will be sanitized every hour.  Hand sanitizer stations have been installed around the complex for general use.

As Indiana moves into Stage 5 (hopefully July 4th), some of these guidelines may change.  We will keep you informed as we learn more.  If you have any questions about these guidelines, feel free to ask your coach, Division president, or any Board member.

Stacy Hein                  Mike Williams

President                    Vice President 


Registration for the Fall 2020 Season is now Open!

Registration for the Fall 2020 season is now Open!  Mt. Dew is $60 and all other leagues are $105. Please click the link below to go to the registration page.

Summer 2020 Game Schedule Now Available!

Newburgh Youth Soccer Summer Season

-Board Meetings

Season Wrap up                      Aug 2nd

-Season Activities:

Practices Start                          June 14

Referee Meeting                     June  21

Concessions Training           June  24

Independence Day                July 4th

Games Begin                             June 26

Season Ends                             Aug  1

Field Work Day                      Aug  15


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